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Send "Copy Backup Job 1" to cloud

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Hi, we currently backup all of VM's and also send the Backup Copy Job from our racks to our office. We want to stop sending them up to our office and send them offsite in the event of a natural disaster. I know that you can send the backup copy job to the cloud but I just don't know how. Can somebody explain?
Also, any suggestions for who to go with? ease of use, pricing etc...
Based in Scotland.


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Re: Send "Copy Backup Job 1" to cloud

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Firstly, you need to find a suitable service provider participating in Veeam Cloud Connect program (Backup Infrastructure -> Service Providers -> Find). Secondly, add it your console (Backup infrastructure -> Service Providers -> Add service Provider). Thirdly, create a backup copy job and point it to the cloud repository assigned to you by chosen service provider.

We do not recommend any particular service provider, so, feel free to use "SP lookup" in order to find provider answering your requirements best.


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