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Setup for onsite replication that will move to offsite

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Hi there,

I am new to Veeam and I am setting up a solution for one of our customers that will replicate VMs in a small vSphere environment to an ESXi backup server. This will be installed with source and destination both on site, however will move the destination to a DR site several months after the initial install. Since this customer is half a world away it will not be easy to get to them to do the move so I want to have as much in place ahead of time as possible. The customers end goal is to have the VMs at the source replicated to the DR site, and be able to bring up the DR site very quickly.

What would be my best practice for architecting the solution?

I am thinking B and R server on the destination ESXi server and a Proxy server in the source environment.

Thanks ahead of time for any support.

Paul Rudin
Paul Rudin
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Re: Setup for onsite replication that will move to offsite

Post by HannesK »

and welcome to the forum.

Yes, sounds good.

Replicate on-site. Ship to remote site. Continue replication. I would try that networking does not change (work with NAT on-site) as it makes things easier. And if you have low bandwidth, add Veeam WAN accelerators.

Best regards,

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