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Should I Backup my Replication site instead?

Post by jbarrow.viracoribt »

Just curious, even though I don't have the licenses right now, would it be beneficial to point my backup jobs at my DR site, backing up the replicas that are located there vs backing them up directly from the production site? Any pros/cons to this?

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Re: Should I Backup my Replication site instead?

Post by Shestakov »

Hello Jonathan,
You can do it, but with a lot of limitations. VMware CBT will not work, WAN accelerator can't be used for the backup copy job, and there can be some conflicts if the replication job starts while the replica backup jobs are running because they both create snapshots.
So technically it`s possible, but I would recommend to do backups from the production site or run backup copy jobs to sync up changes with the DR site.

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