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Sizing VEEAM Architecture

Post by pablo »

Hi all,

Here is my architecture :
-3 ESXi running on IBM M4 x3650 : 2*8 core ; 9*16Go RAM
-Only 11 VMs dispatched
-1 physical backup server runnning on IBM M4 x3650 with VEEAM B&R v7

Questions :
-Do i need multiple Backup proxy ?
-Can i backup all VM in parralel ?
-I can't add SAN to my architecture, problem ?

Sorry if I'm not really clear, do not hesitate to ask me for more information.


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Re: Sizing VEEAM Architecture

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1. Depends on your backup window requirements. If you can backup all VMs within the required time frame, then additional backup proxies are not required.
2. For that you need to configure concurrent tasks on the proxy and repository server to match the number of total VM disks. Be aware that not only VMs are backed up in parallel, but their virtual disks too.
3. Not sure I understand what you're trying to do here. Can you please clarify?

Thank you!

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