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Skip DB and Tlogs in a job

Post by Pierpa »

I've checked that if I want to exclude a SQL db from a VM application aware veeam backup I have to follow KB2110.Ok.
If I include the VM hosting the SQL instance in a Job and I want to backup the tlogs every 1 hour, I would like to understand if in this job is automatically excluded the DB and the tlogs as well. Apologizing for the trivial question... thanks in advance for any reply.


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Re: Skip DB and Tlogs in a job

Post by wishr »

Hello Pierpa,

Welcome to Veeam Community Forums!

When a DB is excluded from AAIP processing by implementing the steps mentioned in the KB article you linked Backup & Replication does not backup nor truncate the t-logs of the excluded database, regardless of the backup job configuration.


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