Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Slow Speed Replication from Host to Host

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I have Installed on Windows Server 2003 Veeam I created a Replicationjob from esx1 host to the other esx2. It works fine, but the performance is poor. The 2 ESX Server vSphere5.0 are connected together with each 2 Gbit Nics, the Veeamserver is only connected with 100Mbit. So I thougt that the Replication Datastream is direct from esx1 to the esx2. It seeams that the datastream goes from esx1 to the veeam windowsserver (100Mbit) and then to the esx2.
I am right?
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Re: Slow Speed Replication from Host to Host

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Hi - looks like you are replicating using the default backup proxy. You should setup and specify source and target site's backup proxy in the replication job wizard. There are plenty of existing topics regarding replication architecture, so I am locking this down to prevent duplicate discussion. Thanks!

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