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Slow Veeam Restore

Post by v_user »

Hi I am trying to troubleshoot a slow Veeam restore.

I am running Veeam on a VM hosted on the same infrastructure (host and storage). When I copy files from the NAS holding the backups to the VM I get 130MB/s. Running the same jobs on a slower server, switch (1G vs 10G) and storage (spindle vs flash) last year I'd get 70-90MB/s restore rates. I am now getting between 10-20MB/s.

I have tried restarting all hardware and still see the same rates. Is there anyway I can try to determine where the bottleneck is?


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Re: Slow Veeam Restore

Post by oleg.feoktistov »


First, double click on the running or completed job session and see what is reflected as a bottleneck in the job session statistics.
Then, continue troubleshooting this particular component performance/usage etc.
You might also need to check this guide.

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Re: Slow Veeam Restore

Post by Regnor »

Do you have see the same Performance stats when restoring from a full Backup?

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Re: Slow Veeam Restore

Post by Andreas Neufert »

As Oleg said. Bottleneck Analyse is helpful to troubleshoot this. Usually you have designed your backup environment in that way that it is not the bottleneck.
The VM Datastore or the method that you use for restore (NBD network mode for example) could be the bottleneck.

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Re: Slow Veeam Restore

Post by PetrM »


We should not compare manual copy speed and Veeam restore processing rate because restore is more complicated process which includes such operations as: reading blocks from backup file in a specific order, decompression, checksum calculation, transferring block over a network link, writing to a target datastore.

If there was no possibility to see bottleneck statistics for restore session, I'd suggest to check the following:
1. Correct gateway server is selected in the repository settings (as far as I understand, Veeam server itself in your case). In case of automatic selection, source Data Mover could be started on a remote server and could read data over a slow connection.
2. Try to select a "thick eager zeroed" disk type. In some cases, write speed in higher when using this disk type because there are no extra API round-trips between proxy and vCenter.
Regnor wrote:Do you have see the same Performance stats when restoring from a full Backup?
Yes, makes sense to check as well.

By the way, keep in mind that instant recovery is always a good option if you want to restore a vm as fast as possible.


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Re: Slow Veeam Restore

Post by Dmont »

Is your backup storage device de-duplicating. We had this issue when we turned it on on the HPE StoreOnce. Re-hydrating the data takes a bit of time, that plus all the normal work Veeam carries out for a restore made it quite slow.

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