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Some proxy servers can't hot-add disks from some VM

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Had a problem where one proxy server worked fine and could hot-add all disks from VM but other proxy servers always failed over to network mode. I was even unable to attach vmdk to proxy on VPSphere. Vmdk's just didn't show up when I browsed datastore. I opened a case with support, #02323875, and we reached to conclusion that it was not Veeam problem and closed it. After some time I figured out that difference between proxy servers was also ESX version number. We had some with ESX 5.1.0 and others 5.5.0 and seems that proxy server located on 5.1.0 host didn't see some vmdk's of VM which was located on 5.5.0 host. Problem was little weird because VM had more than one disks and proxy server on 5.1.0 ESX host did see one vmdk but no others. But after upgrading ESX host to 5.5.0 problem was resolved and proxy servers can see all disks again.

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Re: Some proxy servers can't hot-add disks from some VM

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Hi Markko, the reason could be the fact that different VDDK versions are used for these ESXi host versions. Anyway, glad that everything works as expected after the upgrade.

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