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SQL AlwaysOn... major headache...

Post by RossVM »

Hi all,
we will deliver a very simple two-node SQL 2016 AlwaysOn config later this month and we are testing backup & restore performance and DB replication as well and we are unable to have consistent Tlog backup jobs. Tlog backups (and truncation) are required every 2 hours on the primary node and the job keeps failing with the message: "Collected SQL Server transaction logs do not match any existing database backup" and then the names of the local replicated DBs...

Documentation on this subject is very poor, we've seen many people complaining about this over the years, there's no final conclusive answer and all we found in this forum is to have both nodes in the same job... no big deal though... so the question: how do we back up SQL AlwaysOn nodes that require tlog truncation every X hours? Why is the official documentation so poor?


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Re: SQL AlwaysOn... major headache...

Post by foggy »

Hi Ross, no additional actions are generally required to back up transaction logs in this configuration except putting both nodes in a single job and enabling logs backup in its settings. Also please make sure that logs are processed by a single solution only since several applications doing this against the same DBs could definitely result in failures. I recommend asking our support engineers to take a closer look at what happens in your environment. Thanks!

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Re: SQL AlwaysOn... major headache...

Post by DaveWatkins »

It means something else has taken a full DB SQL backup since the last Veeam backup job ran. Check SQL events to see what/when that happens and stop it or set it to take a COPY_ONLY backup which won't affect the T-Log backups

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