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Stand-alone remote ESXi Source Bottleneck

Post by Fraeco »

I have a remote server that is running ESXi and some Linux VM's that I'm trying to back-up with Veeam. I setup a backup of 2 VM's and started the backup only to notice that is excruciatingly slow.

The console is showing that the bottleneck is the Source, and my throughput averages out at 1.6MB/s.
The B&R server (and backup proxy) are located at home behind a 250 mbps down, 40 mbps up internet connection. The remote server has a 1Gbps up/down link. Backup is performed in NBD mode.

What I don't understand is why the backup is not picking up any speed. The according to monitoring on the hypervisor it's not doing anything. The aggregated disk I/O is an average of 0.15MB/s with a maximum of 0.84MB, CPU and memory are equally untaxed.

What could improve the performance of the backup? It doesn't need to be stellar, but a bit more then 2MB/s would be appreciated :-)

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Re: Stand-alone remote ESXi Source Bottleneck

Post by foggy »

You need a proxy close to the source host, otherwise data is being retrieved via slow remote connection. It can any existing VM running on the same host, for example.

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