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marius roma
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Stopping a (stuck?) synthetic full backup job

Post by marius roma »

On a Veeam 6.1 B&R server I have a Synthetic Full job started 20 hours ago and still at 50%.
The Statisatics don't show any activity, only the percentage change very, very slowly.
What is supposed to happen if I stop the job? Can stopping the job damage the older restore points in any way?
Sometime I see I cannot stop the jobs on my server, so I have to restart the server: can this damage old restore points in any way?
I planned to upgrade to 6.5 or 7.0, but at the moment I have to solve this specific issue...

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Re: Stopping a (stuck?) synthetic full backup job

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Mario, stopping/killing the job while it is performing synthetic full does not damage previous restore points.

Besides, updating to the latest version is indeed a good step as synthetic full performance was significantly improved since v6.1.


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