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Storage Integration 3PAR - Leave and Schedule Snapshots

Post by dcampregher » Aug 10, 2016 3:12 pm


About the Storage Integration with HPE 3PAR:

1) Is possible to mantain a snapshot used in a backup JOB instead remove it after the JOB was concluded ? For Example: I have JOB with 14 Restore Points that use a Storage Integration and i want leave this Snapshots in the 3PAR for possible recoveries scenarios.

2) Is possible create a schedule for the Snapshots or only possible to create a point in time Snapshot ?

3) If the backup was done with the Storage integration, the FULL Restore for this VM can be done with the SAN Mode ? Or only with NBD.

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Re: Storage Integration 3PAR - Leave and Schedule Snapshots

Post by foggy » Aug 10, 2016 4:38 pm

1. Not possible.
2. If you mean snapshot-only jobs in Veeam B&R, then this is not possible for 3PAR as well.
3. Recovery mode doesn't depend on the backup mode. If your environment allows for restore in direct SAN, it will be possible.

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