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Storage usage/statistics with ReFS

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I am about to expand our storage on our repositories. With some of our drives the used amount is more transparent and therefore potential growth is more easily predictable if you work with Backup Size info from Veeam Backup Reports. However, with certain backup types this is less clear. I get the feeling this is with jobs that use synthetic fulls in the chain (we have some with 1 active/3 synthetic over a 4 week retention). But it would be good to know for sure as I want to provide for at least two years expansion. Any tips or advice on this with Veeam and ReFS?

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Re: Storage usage/statistics with ReFS

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Hi Simon,

Do you, by any chance, use Veeam ONE or Veeam MP? If so, you might want to take a look at our Capacity Planning for Backup Repositories reports: ONE, MP.


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Re: Storage usage/statistics with ReFS

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Hi Simon

If you are talking about the space savings then here are some good links that have helped me out:

https://www.virtualtothecore.com/en/how ... lockclone/


https://notesfrommwhite.net/2017/03/17/ ... ings-work/

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Re: Storage usage/statistics with ReFS

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And here's another tool that helps you predict.

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