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Suddenly unable to move data to Synology NAS repo

Post by jsimmons911 »

[Support Case ID 04076604]


I'm having some trouble and I'm just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.

I have an off-site Synology NAS that is being used directly as a Linux server repo.
I have one job that runs nightly on this repo, and it has been running flawlessly for a few months now.

All of a sudden I'm getting a "Failed to connect to the port hostname:2500" error.

What's strange is I'm still able to rescan the repo, look at files, and health checks even still work.
But when it's time to actually move data it completely fails. namp and netstat tell me the port is indeed open and the Veeam agent is established on the port.
I've ruled out firewalls and whatnot by disabling everything before trying.

My only change I've made is a changed my main backup job from an SMB share to a direct windows agent.

Anyone else had this issue with their Synology NAS's recently?

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Re: Suddenly unable to move data to Synology NAS repo

Post by PetrM »

Hi James,

As far as I understand you're talking about backup copy job?
The only idea which comes to my mind is that the connection needs to be established between the new Windows server (new repository for primary job) and the Linux repository and there is some problem with that.

Other operations like rescan or file lookup work because there are no connectivity issues between Veeam server and the Linux repository. Anyway, let's wait for results of investigation from our support team.


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Re: Suddenly unable to move data to Synology NAS repo

Post by cbraafhart »

I was able to get this to work with the following:

Check ALL(and i do mean all) your backup servers and proxy servers if they can your network storage device and make sure you don't have any interrupted network configurations.
in some of my network settings my NIC was missing the default gateway settings on the proxy server making my replication get the error port 2500 can't be accessed.

But if was the internal proxies having this error and not the remote proxies. But i am going to put everything to the test and see if this is the actual solution for my port-2500 error i was getting

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