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Suggestions for small environment setup

Post by Frosty »

Hi all,

We've been a Veeam customer for about 7 years now, but have only ever used the Backup and SureBackup components (i.e. never any Replication or other more advanced features). We currently have 3 x ESXi 5.5 hosts and we run Veeam on a VM with SAN for storage. Reverse incrementals are taken and copied off to portable HDDs for offsite storage. This has worked remarkably well, however we are about to do a completely fresh build of infrastructure and I am looking for ideas.

New infrastructure will be:
3 x ESXi 6.5 hosts with VCSA (Dell EMC SC5020 SAN with 30TB usable SSD and SAS storage)
1 x Dell R740XD physical server to run Veeam (8-core CPU, 32GB RAM and 40TB usable RAID10 NLSAS)

We back up about 50 VMs and we want to back up "everything, in full, every night, offsite".

I am intending:
-- to use 10GbE as our network core for the first time
-- don't join physical Veeam server to the domain (for security reasons, to better protect our onsite backups)
-- continue using portable HDDs for offsite backups, but with USB 3.0 instead of 2.0 to reduce copy times

We've looked at moving offsite backups into the cloud, but with the current level of costs (and 2 years still to run on the contract with our current ISP) it really isn't feasible to do that yet.

Any observations, suggestions or objections would be appreciated.

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Re: Suggestions for small environment setup

Post by foggy »

Hi Stephen, for some sort of automation you could consider using backup copy job to a rotated drive (unless you already do).

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Re: Suggestions for small environment setup

Post by DaveWatkins »

All I'd suggest is if you're planning to use ReFS for the main repo you may want more memory in the server

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