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[Cloud Director] Support for service accounts

Post by mbo77 »


what are the plans to support the new service accounts introduced in 10.4?
https://blogs.vmware.com/cloudprovider/ ... ounts.html

This sounds like the perfect match for applications like Veeam. Any estimation or timeline?
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Re: [Cloud Director] Support for service accounts

Post by HannesK »

thanks for the request. At least for the "password copy" challenge, it makes sense. If an attacker is administrator on the backup server, that service account adds no real security, because the attacker can act on behalf of the authorized application (well, or just go to VCenter directly). Overall, I agree, that supporting better authentication mechanisms makes sense 👍

What I can say about timeline is, that it's not in V12. Beyond V12, we cannot share any details.

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