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Support for VVOLs

Post by bonzovt »

I know that Veeam B&R has support for VVOLs in general for being able to backup VMs that live in a VVOL datastore. I did notice though that when I edit the settings for a proxy and choose connected datastores, under manual selection the VVOL datastore doesn't appear. I'm trying to get this configured for a customer who is primarily using direct storage access for their backup proxy, but is testing VVOLs and needs a separate proxy that will use virtual appliance mode. I'd like to go into the new proxy and manually tell it to only be connected to the VVOL datastore, but it doesn't appear.

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Re: Support for VVOLs

Post by foggy »

Hi Adam, connected datastores settings are applicable to transport methods using direct access, while vVOLs are supported in case of hotadd and NBD modes only. Hotadd proxy should be selected automatically for these VMs. Thanks.

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Re: Support for VVOLs

Post by DaveWatkins »

Just to be clear, this is a VMWare limitation. They don't expose a way to do direct access backups from VVOL volumes

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