Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Surebackup fails.

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Hi guys

Anyone seen this error during a Surebackup job: "Mount host is not specified for backup repository"??

The setup is a follows: 3 ESXi hosts in DC1 with Veeam B&R running in a VM, with an extra proxy running in a VM as well. Backup repositorys are in DC2 and are added via CIFS, on the Veeam B&R server I have added an extra disk as vPower NFS datastore. In DC2 I have an extra ESXi host which I want to use as Surebackup host, bacause the backups are on datastores in DC2. I not sure if this is the best approach or if I should use the backup repositorys as vPower NFS datastores instead??

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Vitaliy S.
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Re: Surebackup fails.

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Hi Michael,

Could you please verify that "Enable vPower NFS Server" checkbox is enabled for the backup repository where you store VMs added to the SureBackup job?

You can find this option at the 5th step of the backup repository wizard.

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