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SureBackup first attempts - power-on problem

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See case 03897866

We don't have any problem with VBR restores, but Audit want us to verify backup media, so I need to learn & use SureBackup.

Am starting with a very simple setup, created Virtual Lab OK in our VMware, created Application Group with just 1 server, no linked jobs - server on same network as the VBR server, in order to automate IP setup. Setup a test SureBackup job, and discovered that the 600 sec default Maximum Boot Time in the Application Group isn't enough, so set it to 1200 sec. Tried again - the job starts, and vSphere shows the server powering on 3 seconds after registering. On the VM's console, after a few minutes the Windows boot-up screens appear, and the login prompt. But the Surebackup job still doesn't detect the server having powered on, so it powers it off after the 20 minutes timeout.
12/5/2019 3:11:57 PM Registering
12/5/2019 3:32:06 PM Error Powering on
12/5/2019 3:12:05 PM Waiting for OS to boot for up to 1200 seconds (stable IP algorithm)...
12/5/2019 3:12:05 PM Note: Will proceed to the next step at 05/12/2019 15:32:05 or earlier
12/5/2019 3:32:06 PM Error Results: Cannot detect VM starting because of timeout
12/5/2019 3:32:06 PM Error: Results: OS did not boot in the allotted time
12/5/2019 3:32:08 PM Powering off

Am I doing something wrong?

Also, other early tests using an Application Group of several servers show that if one fails, the whole SureBackup job fails, instead of it continuing onto the next. I have read that a Linked job will continue through individual server failures, but when I tried a Linked job it tried to restore several servers that have been removed from the job over the years, and I certainly don't need this. How can I overcome this problem as well?

Any suggestions gratefully received
Thank you

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Re: SureBackup first attempts - power-on problem

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Ian, this is a bit hard to tell without correct insight. It could be support needs a remote call for insight so I suggest waiting for their feedback.
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