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Surebackup on multiple sites from one veam vr server

Post by knowlesy » Sep 26, 2018 1:27 pm

Hi we have veeam in around 12 sites each site has a proxy and repo all centrally controlled under one veeam server. With regards to surebackup each site is under their own vmware data centre I assume id need an appliance per DC / Site and alternate ip ranges per vm network range (some sites we have 60 +)

does the surebackup appliance pull the backups across the network (across the mpls) through the central veaam b&R server and back or would each sure backup alternative network to the vm production network not need to be routable across the mpls and each sure backup appliance just speak to the / its local repo and proxy and we wont have much of a problem ?

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Re: Surebackup on multiple sites from one veam vr server

Post by skrause » Sep 27, 2018 1:09 pm

Are your backups local at each location?

If so, yes you would want a proxy appliance in each location. The data should not need to transfer over the WAN.

If your backups are all stored centrally, you could just setup one surebackup appliance in that location and setup all your corresponding networks on that appliance.
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