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Re: surebackup "vmware tools did not start in a timely manne

Post by Gostev » Mar 20, 2012 6:20 pm

mpasaa wrote:it's a great concept but needs much work
What kind of work specifically do you suggest it needs? This technology is 1.5 years old already, and by now we have many customers using SureBackup on massive scale with great success. Of course, you cannot use it if your backup storage is so slow that it takes 89 minutes to boot a single VM, such as in case with poster above. For example, storing backups on deduplicating storage device, attempting to boot a VM from remote backup repository, or some networking issues may be the cause.

Me personally, I've never seen this issue in my lab, where it takes 45 seconds to boot clean install of Windows Server 2003 from backup to logon screen. The lab is my 8 GB RAM desktop with VMware Workstation 8.0 running backup server VM, and ESXi host VM. This virtualized ESXi starts the instantly recovered VM (second level virtualization, hehe). All of that is running on a single spindle of a regular 7200 rpm hard drive. So really, it is hard to imagine slower environment ;)

The first and foremost thing before using SureBackup must be quick Instant VM Recovery speed test. People tend to spend much time tweaking SureBackup timeouts, when they should really make sure vPower engine is performing well before doing anything else.

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Re: surebackup "vmware tools did not start in a timely manne

Post by mpasaa » Mar 26, 2012 12:50 pm

For one thing, you need to make this feature error free in terms of alerting. When I set it up, the vmtools piece ALWAYS showed a warning for the surebackup job and the setting to ignore vmtool failures or whatever it was at the time didn't resolve the issue. While you claim the feature is useful in testing backup jobs to ensure they truly boot the VM I say--it does NOT help me to schedule automatic surebackup jobs if every time I receive a warning or error alert in email and have to check the job--defeats the purpose of 'automatic' wouldn't you say.

With all due respect sir, this product is generally good BUT needs work. I'm sure if you are a developer you probably take criticism a little hard but from a customer's standpoint, I would probably tell colleagues and friends to test other products in addition to Veeam. There are simply too many issues (albeit usually minor) with this version. I have to stick with reverse incrementals because the other option just 'blows up' backups to the point where I have to manage disk space almost monthly if not more. I don't have unlimited disk space to retain backup images and I don't have time to babysit this application on a weekly basis or have to adjust and readjust rollback counts, etc. to save space. I also have to disable all of the application indexing and guest processing options because having them in place, again, always results in email alerts with warning or failed status for jobs forcing me to manually check each job for failure reasons. Basically, I have it configured in a minimal setup with many options disabled just so I can get successful, basic backups--period. Throw in intermittent GUI exception errors that your support cannot resolve and constantly tell me to uninstall and reinstall and it just becomes tedious to support this application.

At the current time, I have minimal settings and many things disabled and my backups work fine as I have tested basic restores and imports. Your older versions were more solid in my opinion and frankly I can do without these "new" features.

Sorry, I wish I could give this a glowing review but it's just not that great a product. It does what it does and all of these new features are just bloat in our environment and have never really worked in my tests.

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Re: surebackup "vmware tools did not start in a timely manne

Post by Cokovic » Mar 26, 2012 2:52 pm

Sorry, I wish I could give this a glowing review but it's just not that great a product.
Sorry but cant agree with that. It's one of the greatest products i've seen for the last years. And support was great so far too. Backing up 1500+ VMs every day without major problems.

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Re: surebackup "vmware tools did not start in a timely manne

Post by Gostev » Mar 26, 2012 11:39 pm

This only shows that this mostly depends on the environment. As I like to say, Ferrari is not meant to perform well off road. You need most basic truck (which is what you turn Veeam into by disabling most features). Otherwise, you A/C get clogged, your SRS bags go off when you hit some stone, your ESP will get you stack in the sand, etc. Not a pleasant experience for sure, and you will definitely recommend your friends to evaluate trucks based on your experience - this is quite understandable.

Likewise, in software world - when the environment has a lot of issues by itself, many product features will be failing left and right. And vice versa, in well maintained environment you will be backing up thousands of VMs without any issues.

No argument that we should make the product more resilient to environmental issues, and we have been doing this all the time to improve over reliability via lots of error handling and robust design. For example, we are adding features you will not find with any other vendors (like bottleneck analysis), to help customers pinpoint performance issues with their environments (which used to be the most common type of support case until v6).

The truth is, it is very rarely the product fault, according to the support statistics - which is the ultimate source of truth. Of course, from the customers perspective, it is always a product fault when something does not work. Nobody thinks their baby is ugly...

I think we can agree that we all can improve few things here and there ;) that includes both us fixing bugs in our product, and you addressing issues in your environments.

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SureBackup fails on SQL Server

Post by smcauley » Jul 11, 2012 10:58 pm


I have a long standing support case that has been with Veeam since the 19/04/12. We have reached the stage now where we have a senior engineer talking to VMWare to help troubleshoot. Given what has come back from VMWare it looks like both parties are pointing the finger at each other. So I thought I would try the forum hoping some of you may have some ideas.

The SureBackup has 3 servers, DC/DNS, SQL and Sharepoint. DC starts fine, processing of SQL begins and we can see the server is up and waiting in the lab. Veeam fails to detect as the VMWare Tools service does not start. Log errors state that it did not start in a timely fashion. Backups work perfectly with no errors and are restorable.

To date we have tried:-

Re installing VMWare Tools
Changed the NIC on the VM from vmxnet3 to E1000
Increasing timeouts
Turned off firewall
Disabled AV software
Changed ESX hosts
Created new lab in different datastore
Updated Veeam to version
Updated Veeam to version 6.1
Changed VMWare Tools to login as administrator
Performed full backup with new job
Ran SB job with SQL server only
Ran SB job, when VM powered on, opened VM settings and uncheck 'Connected' check-box for all vNics, in order to avoid possible TCP timeouts.

Still no luck. Anyone out there with any suggestions? Case number is 5185983


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