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Synthetic Full B ackup instead of Active Full backup.

Post by martimartin » Jun 23, 2015 2:17 pm


As i know Synthetic full backup means create a full back from incremental backup which took before...is it True ?

so actually my question is;

Everytime i have a problem while backup exchange VM because snapshot takes long time etc...sometimes cant remove....so i want to ask ; is it possible or more usefull ;

Take incremental backup for 1 week then use syncthetic backup and will it be more fast ? again it will need take snapshot ?

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Re: Synthetic Full B ackup instead of Active Full backup.

Post by foggy » Jun 23, 2015 2:29 pm

Yes, synthetic fulls are designed right to decrease the load on production VMs. However keep in mind that they are much more I/O intensive so your target storage needs to be capable of increased I/O load. That said, it's still recommended to periodically perform active fulls to avoid corrupted chains. You might also want to consider forever incremental method, which does not perform any periodic fulls at all.

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