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Task Failed. Error: Access Denied

Post by LeeR »

Hi All,

I have had this issue a couple of times now, for no apparent reason jobs just start to fail.

I've logged a call with Veeam Support (Case #03845019).

After restarting the Repository Servers the jobs all start working correctly.

The version is B&R 9.5 U4b, running on Windows Server 2019 (1809)

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?


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Re: Task Failed. Error: Access Denied

Post by Dmont »

We've seen this when there's been an issue with Active Directory and the Veeam server couldn't authenticate the service account in vSphere for backups.

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Re: Task Failed. Error: Access Denied

Post by foggy »

Hi Lee, logs will tell the exact component failing to authenticate so please continue working with your support engineer. Thanks!

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