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Task failed Error: Cannot access VMX file of VM

Post by kacsp »

When trying to run trial backups on a couple of VMs on a vCenter on the other side of a Firewall for the first time, Veeam comes back with an error for both VM backups stating that it couldn't read the VMX file:

'Task failed Error: Cannot access VMX file of VM '*****'

The Service Account used in the Backup Job has vCenter permissions restricted down to 'Cumulative Permissions', as described in the v7.0 Required Permissions doc: http://www.veeam.com/veeam_backup_7_0_p ... ons_pg.pdf

The only related forum article I can see is 'v6 Replication failing with "unable to access <vm>.vmx file"', but theres not much help there.

I've opened a Support Case too....but again I don't seem to be getting anywhere (00747302).

Because this has happened for more than one VM, my first guess is that Service Account vCenter permissions are too tight. So my next step would be to ask the vCenter Admin to grant the Service Account full vCenter rights to see if this fixes the problem. But since neither myself not the vCenter Admin want the Service Account to hold full vCenter administrator permissions, and in case it's something else that's causing the issue, I'd first like to ask if anyone's come across this before, or could suggest what might be causing it?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Task failed Error: Cannot access VMX file of VM

Post by foggy »

Just to check, at what level permissions are specified? All permissions should be specified either on vCenter Server or Datacenter level.

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