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The user has insufficient privilege error 5034

Post by Andanet » Oct 21, 2015 6:24 pm

Hi guys, open case 01089297
Problem: we have two repository in our VBS that use same datadomain with 2 different storage unit. And with 2 different users.
Randomly backup jobs on both STU ended with 5034 error returned by DD in Finalizing step
(Finalizing - Error: the user has insufficient privilege. Err: 5034 Failed to get information about file or directory )

We have verified on SQL table with this query:
SELECT TOP 1000 [id]
FROM [VeeamBackup].[dbo].[Backup.Model.DataDomainRepositoryServers]
and received this 2 rows in reply

This identifying same DD hostname. is possible that's the problem although the storage unit and its credential are different?
Do you think is correct to create an alias to distinguish two Storage unit on same Data Domain? Or is best to use same user credentials on both storage unit (this option is not good for me because there are different kind of data and usage of backup)?

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Re: The user has insufficient privilege error 5034

Post by foggy » Oct 23, 2015 12:31 pm

Antonio, this looks like a known issue, where backups using different users to the same DataDomain do not work. This is already addressed in the upcoming v9, as the current workaround you can use the same credentials.

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