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Yoann Castillo
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Upgrade v8

Post by Yoann Castillo »

i was in veeam version 6.5 and since 2 days, i've version 8 (patch 1).

The Reversed incremental job with my VM Exchange 2010 was almost 15GB everyday in version 6.5. Since the version 8, this job grows : ~30GB ....

Any idea ?

I will doing a Active full backup this week-end... May be the algorithme is problematic (with compression, dedup, other...?) And after this full job, the storage will be, may be, the same than in version 6.5 ?... : ~15GB.

Thks !

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Re: Upgrade v8

Post by foggy »

Do you mean the Read/Transferred rate for this job has increased since the upgrade?

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