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Re: Using guest interaction proxy ...

Post by RockemSockem » Sep 12, 2018 6:37 pm

So, we've determined that it's definitely an issue with what the tool stack returns as the singular primary address that is populated in guest.ipaddress. This makes it not a problem with the job engine but with the data presented by the guest tools. (In other words, not a Veeam issue. Fanfare and confetti!)

However, relying on the tool stack to pick the single proper guest IP address when:
(1) the probability of multiple guest IPs being present is high, and
(2) the probability of the tool stack correctly identifying the primary guest IP address (in the context of guest interaction) is low
is not doing any favors to the intelligence built into the job engine to actually select the proper GIP.

Perhaps an enhancement request to enumerate all the guest IPs reported in guestnicinfo is in order? I realize that would draw out the testing process for each task, but it would "round out" the GIP selection intelligence and make it self sufficient - and thus much more accurate and useful. Some IPv6 support in there couldn't hurt, either... <nudge nudge, wink wink>

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