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V8 Full VM Restore Multiple Datastore possible Bug

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In case anyone else has ran into this issue....

When manually seeding a replica from a full VM restore http://www.veeam.com/kb1760 (the replica job will not seed from a repository for some reason so I have to take this route), I have ran into a bug where you cannot specify more than 1 datastore for the restore. Though the interface clearly shows you chose Datastore A for disk 1 and datastore B for disk 2, the job will attempt to dump the entire restore job on Datastore A. The summary only shows 1 datastore and the VM created only shows 1 datastore being mounted in vCenter. Datastore B never gets touched.

If I am simply restoring a VM to 1 datastore, there is no issue. It is just when I attempt to restore to more than 1 datastore.

I did open a case 00685185, tech verified he was able to duplicate the issue and it has been escalated up to tier 3 for a fix.

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