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VADP and file level backup

Post by mesmeridze »

In VMware KB "vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) FAQ" i see that VADP supports file level backup. If this is not some kind of mistake, interesting why veeam did not include this functionality in B&R. For example i want to backup one folder from my virtual machine, now i need to do full copy of VM or create backup of individual disk, but i don`t need that, i want backup just one folder.

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Re: VADP and file level backup

Post by Gostev »

We do provide File Copy job.

However, our focus is still image-level backups. We found that vast majority of customers really want to backup everything on the image level for simple recovery, and because this is the only way to achieve required RTO for the most customers. People like you are (wanting to backup individual files) are extremely rare exception, basically.

So, I am not seeing Veeam investing in file-level backups, especially considering there are about 10000 of other file-level backup applications already available on the market ;)

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Re: VADP and file level backup

Post by dellock6 »

And also, from a image level backup we can restore BOTH an entire VM and specific files contained inside the image backup, in this way saving on backup space since we d not have to backup a VM twice ;)
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