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.vbk and .vib are 0KB in repository

Post by ElBeardo »

I've accepted the fact that the data is probably toast, but I wanted to ask for sure.
Lately I've had jobs failing stating that the metadata has become corrupted. I started to new jobs to a separate repository and NAS entirely. After I was, more or less, satisfied with my backups, I ran a checkdisk /f on the SAN.
Chkdsk found a lot of files corrupted and orphaned, etc and did what it was supposed to do. Now, I'm seeing a lot of .vibs and .vbks at 0KB. Am I correct in thinking that the backups still with file sizes are more or less useless?
I am prepared to remove all the backups from this newly repaired repository and start over if they're not recoverable.
Am I on track?

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Re: .vbk and .vib are 0KB in repository

Post by veremin »

It's unlikely that you'll be able to restore from vib or vbk of zero size. Still you might want to execute restore operation from different restore points to get general idea of number of restore points corrupted. Thanks.

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