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VBR VM backup

Post by itdirector » Jun 27, 2012 1:06 am

I have searched through the forums but just can't find an automated way of backing up our VBR 6.1 VM.

We have a 4 socket license. vSphere1 (2 sockets) & vSphere2 (2 sockets) hosts are being replicated to vSphere3 host (all vSphere 5). VBR 6.1 is installed on a VM on vSphere3 host. We don't want to move the VBR 6.1 VM to vSphere1 nor vShere2.

Does Veeam have a an option to backup/replicate its own VBR VM?; without having to purchase another 2 socket license? We need an automated option that runs daily.


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Re: VBR VM backup

Post by tsightler » Jun 27, 2012 3:30 am 3 people like this post

You can just dump the SQL database as it contains everything that's important. Use a simple script like something documented here:
http://www.brianmadden.com/blogs/guestb ... store.aspx

or perhaps something easier like using ExpressMaint:

Otherwise, you would need a license for the host on which VBR runs.

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