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Vcenter Hosts over a WAN

Post by abradley »

I don't see this being asked before so here goes.

We have several remote sites with only 2 VM host machines. I am configuring our central vCenter instance to control these remote hosts as additional datacenters within vCenter.

Question is - will Veeam have any issues with this configuration? I have deployed proxy VM's at each remote location along with local NAS storage for off-SAN backups.

I don't think this configuration will cause any issues but wanted to see if anyone else has a similar setup with a single vCenter and datacenters/hosts connected over various WAN speeds (4mb to Microwave in Mexico).

Thanks Everyone,

Andy Bradley

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Vcenter Hosts over a WAN

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Hello Andrew,

There shouldn't be issues with this configuration, however keep in mind that all API queries/calls from proxy server will be performed against the vCenter Server over the WAN link, but VM data retrieval will be done within the remote site.

Thank you!

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