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Veeam 6 building a Backup Proxy Server as a VM

Post by tim5700 »

In the user guide it mentions this can be a VM with the Hot-Add access. Is this referring to the VM being able to add disks on the fly in Vmware? Also, does this apply in a scenario where the proxy VM is on the target end of a replication?

What I would like to do is:

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Re: Veeam 6 building a Backup Proxy Server as a VM

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in a replica scenario, both source and target proxy can be virtual. Both will be able to use hot-add, since in the new v6 hotadd can be used both for reading data and for writing. The source will mount disks from VMs, compress, and send delta bytes to the target proxy, this one will mount disks of the replica VM to write.
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