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Veeam 6 Lab backup

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Hi I have a vsphere 5 lab setup in my office and I'm looking to backup certain VM's/hosts so i can run test's on them and restore them to a previous state for more testing I want to be able to easily setup all the various test's and just restore them when i need to run those specific test's some of the TEST require that I use a HA CLUSTER some Require Fault Tolerance and some just need two host's without a cluster. So my thinking would be to setup Veeam to my different test setups and run my test's then restore to a different setup then run other test's can this be accomplished with Veeam 6

I've installed V6 onto a virtual machine with about 100TB of local space for the backups.

So for instance I have a HA cluster setup inside of a vcenter with two HOSTS esxi-a and esxi-b mounted on a shared NFS mount with 8 VM per HOST how would I go about backing this up and restoring them when i need to run these test's again.

Any Help is appropriated thanks.

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Re: Veeam 6 Lab backup

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Your can use Veeam Virtual Lab, its purpose is right for the scenario you are describing, and you can boot your test VMs from backup without the need to replicate production VMs.
But if you only need to do some tests on VMs, and in case revert back to a previous state, the best solution is to use VMware snapshots and revert them after tests.
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