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Veeam 6 proxy question

Post by robjduk »

Good morning,
I have just upgraded to Veeam 6 ( and have a couple of questions on the good use of proxys which I am having trouble understanding from reading the forums and would really appreciate some help with my situation.

1/ I have a Windows 2008 R2 (8 core, 16GB RAM) physical server I am using as the Veeam 6 backup server which is connected directly to my SAN and 4 ESXI hosts and backing only backing up Windows servers. Am I right in understanding I would be best to install at least 1 proxy on my virtual servers to utilise their processing power which will ease the backup server during heavy load sessions and let Veeam decide which is best?

2/ I have an offsite server I am backing upto which I made a proxy when I was setting Veeam 6 up. To my understanding, proxys require good access to the data store to be efficient so I have disabled it but would it be advisable to re-enable it and even force offsite backups to use this so it can handle its own workload?

Thank you for any help on the matter as I just don’t “get” the above.
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Re: Veeam 6 proxy question

Post by foggy »

Hello, Robert!

1. It really depends on the backup load your physical backup server gets (i.e. the number of VMs you are backing up, their change rates, etc.). To spread the load and to optimize your backup window, you can set up additional proxy servers as VMs to pick up some backup jobs from the main backup server.
2. You're right in understanding that the backup proxy should be located closer to the data source to leverage fast data retrieval modes.

Besides, the whole product architecture along with the backup proxys' role is described in user guide quite understandably. Thanks.
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