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Veeam 7 vs. VMPro 3.1

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I'm tasked with comparing Veeam 7 vs. VMPro 3.1 (Quantum).

Could anyone provide some details as to they key differentiators?

Thank You

Dima P.
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Re: Veeam 7 vs. VMPro 3.1

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Hello Todd,

Fist let me correct you if you are reviewing vmPro and it is only the backup tool, you would need to add vmPro deduplication storage and vmPro tape support to this list. That’s why initial setup, to my understanding, would consist of at least two components from start, as storing backup in native format main problem is storage as backup would take 1:1 of your original VM - so you would need to get vmPro deduplication appliance as well.

From my overview this solution provides the ability to run a basic backup and restore tasks, according to the backup in the native format – you would be able to get the guest OS files, however application level restores such as AD/Exchange/SQL/SharePoint are not supported, at least I do not see any mentioning’s that they have it. For sure there is no replication functionality included to vmPro.

You can take a look at the upcoming features of v7 in this whitepaper in addition to the unique features that already included in the product.

Hope this would help you in your research.
Thank you.

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