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Veeam 8.0 resetting CBT

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This topic is re the VMware CBT bug KB2090639. I know there's A LOT of info out there and I've read through the locked thread in these forums on the topic post by post so I'm not here to restart the discussion. It's done and dusted now. I just want to confirm that my Veeam 8.0 setup is working as it should.

I have a VM which I have been using for quite some time. I have until recently used Veeam B&R 6.5 Enterprise Plus to back it up. Recently I upgraded to Veeam 8.0. After upgrading to Veeam 8.0 and running a few backup jobs to see that everything's fine, I expanded the VM's vmdk to add on more space. I expanded from 1TB to 2TB. At the next backup run, I got these two statements in the backup log of this VM:
Virtual disk configuration change detected, resetting CBT
Disk [xxxxx] VM1/VM1.vmdk size changed, entire virtual disk must be read
I never reset CBT manually, I just let Veeam do all the work and got the above two log records. Are these logs telling me that I do not need to do anything else and that this VM's backups should be okay CBT-wise?


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Re: Veeam 8.0 resetting CBT

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Yes, Veeam backup server has reset the CBT data for you, so now you're not affected by that VMware issue and you should not do anything manually.

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