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Veeam B&R repository

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Hey Guys,

I want to set-up Veeam on my new infrastructure with the below details:
SITE : 800+ VMs with 500 TB of consumed data (5% daily change) and needs to be retained for 30 days.

I have limited storage for my backup repository and even deduplication and compression enabled, I believe I'll end-up needing about a Peta-byte of back-end storage.
I have unlimited S3 compatible storage available on my Dell-ECS system. However, I've learnt that Veeam doesn't support backups to S3(directly).

Can I configure weekly synthetic full backups configured for our jobs(retained for 30 days) with SOBR which will keep the latest 7days(i.e with full_incr) on the performance tier and move the rest to the capacity tier ??

Please help with suggestions.
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Re: Veeam B&R repository

Post by foggy »

Hi Titus, yes, you can. You will need to configure the move policy for that. Otherwise, you can wait for v12 allowing the direct backup to the object storage.
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