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Veeam B&R V9 WAN Acceleration setup & usage question?

Post by bodgeup » Jan 25, 2016 10:53 pm

I want to try out Veeam B&R V9 Wan acceleration, but i cant see from the documentation what job uses WAN Acceleration? I setup a WAN Acceleration server on our remote site and i added our B&R server as one too so i have 2 servers using WAN Acceleration 1 at each site. But what job type makes use of this? I cant see how i actually make use of it?

I want to backup our offsite DAG Member and also have a VM replica of out Backup VM for Disaster recovery, can anyone point me in the right direction?

Also with the WAN cache does it need to be bigger than the biggest VM at that site? Its just our offsite DAG member has 200gb of Disks but we only could create a cache of 89gb. would this work or not?



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Re: Veeam B&R V9 WAN Acceleration setup & usage question?

Post by nielsengelen » Jan 26, 2016 8:31 am

WAN acceleration is used in Backup Copy Jobs or Replication Jobs. More info about it can be found in the userguide: http://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/vsph ... y_wan.html. If you create one of these jobs you will get to this point and will be able to use the accelerators.

In regards to the cache. If you have only 89GB disk space, put your cache on 70 or 80GB as we also need additional space for metadata.
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Re: Veeam B&R V9 WAN Acceleration setup & usage question?

Post by dellock6 » Jan 26, 2016 11:45 am

I may suggest also to have a look at this book written by our Solutions Architects:

https://veeampdf.s3.amazonaws.com/guide ... vmware.pdf

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