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Veeam Backup During Vmotion

Post by ldstc »

Hi All,

Hoping someone may have a clear cut answer for this one, have some maintenance to perform on a cluster which is in N+1 so will be evacuating one of the hosts to do maintenance and then bringing back online once completed, have been asked to do this during a potential backup window - how does veeam handle a vmotion event, I assume from reading that veeam will lock out the vm from being vmotioned whilst backup is in progress.

However not sure how it handles a host entering maintenance mode or a ha event at all as the vm's will be evacuated onto another host during this transition.

Not able to pause the job as its been configured for all vm's in the cluster and we want those to run successfully as per normal during the maintenance mode.

Cluster shares a common datastore so no svmotion happening its only compute being changed however also reading up it mentions shadow disks etc and given Veeam is using disk locking at that level would this impact?


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Re: Veeam Backup During Vmotion

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VMware handles that (more or less). We request a snapshot. And if that is not possible (during VMotion, Storage VMotion), we retry after 10min (per default)

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Re: Veeam Backup During Vmotion

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Just to complete this. With the exception of the "VMware Cloud on xxx" VMware environments, we block vMotion and Storage vMotion for VMs that are in the backup process. This is a defined step by VMware outlined in the backup API.
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