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Veeam Bakup with NVIDIA vGPU Hardware

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Hi guys!

I think I read something about this topic but I'm not sure. I have a situation where I have four vm's with a Shared PCi Device (a NVIDIA GRID vGPU). I'm trying to configure properly a backup job to these machines but always I have the same result: Processing virtualmachinename Error: The operation is not allowed in the current state. I have two simplivity nodes with this NVIDIA graphic card and these vm's are very important and I'm sure that shut down them is not a valid option.

How I can set properly the Veeam Backup Job to take a valid backup from this vm's? Please let me know and thanks for all the suggestions that you can bring.


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Re: Veeam Bakup with NVIDIA vGPU Hardware

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Just a guess, but can you even snapshot these in VMware?

From the hypervisor level for backups you have to snapshot the machine, so if you cannot do it normally, hypervisor backups won't work.

You'll have to use the veeam agents instead.

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