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Veeam BaR Search Objects not Job Name

Post by ViciousXUSMC »

I thought the behavior of search at the top of Backup and Replication would be "search all" but if I type in the name of a server it will not find it if its included in a backup job with multiple servers.
The only results I can find by searching is search the name of the backup job itself.

This is not very helpful, especially when trying to organize my group jobs where I manually have to click on them to see the object listing.
The data is right there a click away so I am not sure if this is by design, or a bug, or simply I need to find another way to do this search.

Does anybody have an idea of how to search for Server Names and return the jobs they are included in?

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Re: Veeam BaR Search Objects not Job Name

Post by Shestakov »

Hello Patrick,
note that there are several boundary cases:
  • VM is added to job source, but no backups were made
  • VM is added to job source as a part of container (host, tag, etc.)
  • VM has backups made by job, but now VM is not in the list of sources
Not sure what's the most convenient way to identify VM-Job correlation in VBR, but if you use Veeam ONE, you can find the information in its reports, e.g. Backup Infrastructure Custom Data.

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