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Veeam Best practice in secure environments

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I work in a secure hosting environment where the local machine administrators are renamed by default and UAC is mandatory. We host environments for multiple customers so need application aware backups with everything being hosted on vSphere

I have read the posts around the requirements to either disable UAC or leave the default administrator account as "administrator" so understand this is a limitation that cannot currently be overcome.

My question is, are others in a similar situation and how are you addressing it, or are you? Similarly are there any Veeam development plans to better work around this issue as I can see it coming up again if Veeam is to be adopted in the more secure areas of the hosting market


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Re: Veeam Best practice in secure environments

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I wouldn't call it Veeam issue, as local admin privileges are required to orchestrate VSS process and do application-aware image backups. BTW, I cannot find any post saying renaming of the admin account. Can you please post a link?


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Re: Veeam Best practice in secure environments

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The mentioned limitation applies to processing via VIX only. If you have direct network connection to the backed up VMs, you're good to go.

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