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Veeam encryption

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We have a very large environment (100's of tb's) and we have a requirement to encrypt the backups using Veeam file encryption on about 10% of our environment. What would be the performance and data storage impact (if any) if instead of just encrypting 10% of jobs, we just encrypted everything?

Our job settings are:
weekly synthetic full with refs (block clone), inline data duplication, optimal compression and local target for optimization. We use scaleout repositories to azure. We use per-vm file backup chains using DAS with no type of external dedup.

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Re: Veeam encryption

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Hey Colin,

As far as I know, the encryption is transparent for the Veeam operations, so things like writes to normal repos (refs included) should be fine I think? As long as it's not dedup on your repo you should be fine.

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Re: Veeam encryption

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That is absolutely correct.

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