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Veeam job running for 441:04:49

Post by pidthepiper »

Hi there guys,

So I logged into Veeam and noticed that a job was sat at 0% and had been running for 441:04:49 ! I have tried to stop it immediately but it wont die.

It has picked the guest interaction proxy and a just stopped there for some reason, no errors nothing.

Is there a way to stop a job and fail it if it has been running for wayyyyy too long? Also it wont stop now is my only option to restart the Veeam server/service?


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Re: Veeam job running for 441:04:49

Post by veremin »

If manual stop does not work, resetting Veeam service seems like the only option. If the issue re-occurs, reach our support team directly. Thanks.

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