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Veeam Migration Utility

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We've made two attempts to upgrade a 6.7 vCenter appliance to 7.0U3. Both upgrades have completed successfully, but after the upgrade, all hosts will momentarily show as disconnected every two minutes or so and then reconnect. We worked with VMware support and could see where the heartbeat connection between the host and vCenter were lost, but nothing pointing to a why. The recommended step was to try the upgrade again which we did, but had the same outcome. As a test I built a new vCenter 7.0U3 appliance and added a few hosts with no issue. If we were to proceed with this method, we would need to remap the MoRef ID's or would have to run active fulls against all inventory which we wouldn't have the space to do. I know the Veeam migration tool to remap isn't really supported, but has anyone successfully used it with Veeam B&R v11 and vCenter 7?

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Re: Veeam Migration Utility

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Hi Shawn,

You should use this tool only if you have no alternatives at all. Even if someone else has a positive experience, it won't guarantee that you won't face some issues after migration. I'd suggest working with VMware support and eliminating the cause of the failed heartbeat between vCenter and ESXi-s.


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