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Veeam -> Oracle VMs with DataGuard

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Hi there,

i cannot find a guide how to handle Oracle Databases with Dataguard - what is the best practise for the backup of 2 virtual machines running oracle DB with Dataguard on Top (Active <-> Active).

Please provide details and information about this scenario.

Thanks ahead.

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Veeam -> Oracle VMs with DataGuard

Post by Andreas Neufert »

Are they running on VMware or any other Hypervisor (which one) or do they run on physical Servers ?

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Re: Veeam -> Oracle VMs with DataGuard

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I bet Marius is talking about VMware-based Oracle Data Guard. If I'm right, then I don't think there are some special recommendations for image-level backup, both nodes should be protected with enabled AAIP and with the desired archived logs processing settings.

Another option would be to use RMAN plug-in, I'd suggest to follow Oracle recommendations. Basically, backup processes can be offloaded to the standby system in order to reduce load on the production one. However, if you prefer to process all nodes, you may set the same customServerName parameter on all nodes so that Veeam can see Data Guard as a single entity to allow restoring data from backup on any node without usage of SEND command in restore script.


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