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Veeam Proxy Best Practice

Post by Shooda »

Hi there

We're reviewing our existing setup and was looking for advice.

We have 4 ESXi hosts with approximately 20 VMs on each

We have a backup server and 4 Veeam Proxy servers

Would we be best having jobs per ESXi and having a Veeam Proxy server on each ESXi, with the backup jobs using a manually selected Proxy server?

We're looking at ways of keeping the traffic local to the ESXi's where possible and was looking for best practices.

E.G :-

ESXi 1 hosts V-Proxy-01 and Backup Job 1 backups up all VMs on ESXi1 with a manually added V-Proxy server V-Proxy-01
ESXi 2 hosts V-Proxy-02 and Backup Job 2 backups up all VMs on ESXi2 with a manually added V-Proxy server V-Proxy-02

Really looking for advice on best practices

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Re: Veeam Proxy Best Practice

Post by HannesK »

I assume that you have a physical backup server, which is also repository server.

assuming that you have shared storage: there is no "local" traffic. You can do "one proxy per host", but it's more for CPU & network balancing.
assuming that you have local storage: the concept with one proxy per host makes sense

If my assumption with the physical proxy and shared storage is correct, then I would add the backup server to the storage network and do direct SAN / backup from storage snapshot backup. And no virtual proxies for simplicity.

Best regards,
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