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Veeam Replication - Error with specific VMDK

Post by Lalegre »

Hello everyone this is my environment:

vCenter 5.5 , ESXi 5.5. Veeam B&R 8.0 u 3

All my replicas from one site to another are going good without problems except one. I started to troubleshoot and i found that the problem is with only one VMDK. The replica starts and suddenly hangs at 1%. The logs does not give any error neither the GUI.

After 30 minutes the same message starts to appear: Pipeline hangs out "Pipeline timeout: it seems that pipeline hanged"

I tried to clone the VM but the same results also tried to change the SCSI Controller but nothing. The VMDK is an SCSI disk. The VMDK only has 50 GB

Please help ASAP because we need to close a project with a customer but we can't because of this.

Thanks you very much.

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Re: Veeam Replication - Error with specific VMDK

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Hello Leandro,
It`s required to provide support case number when asking about technical errors.
Please contact Veeam technical support for the closer investigation.

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