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Veeam Replication for vSphere within same vCenter

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We currently run our ESXi servers on the DR site as stand-alone hosts. But for management purposes it would be convenient to have them connected to the same vCenter. I believe this can cause some issues with VM fail-over / fail-over testing. Because in a testing scenario we would actually have a VM with the same UUID registered on to ESXi servers in the same vCenter. I guess would be forced to assign a new UUID to the replica VM. But this would also make the MAC adress of the vNIC to change and the Windows OS to loose its IP settings for the vNIC.

Any experiences or best practices for running replication within the same vCenter?


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Re: Veeam Replication for vSphere within same vCenter

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There is no issue with having your DR ESXi servers attached to the same vCenter as your production, when the replica is registered it has its own UUID. Just configur re-ip rules and everything else is taken care of.

Something that caught me out initially is the need to have access to the vCenter server to perform fail-over via VBR. I simply now manually start my vCenter replica server on the ESXi host then use the VBR server situated at my DR(I have this just for my replicas) site to use the fail over options.


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